Betmaster Privacy Policy

Each user who has created an account on the official website of Betmaster India automatically confirms their consent to the privacy policy. This document has been developed to inform players of the ways and purposes for which personal information is collected, stored, and protected by the bookmaker’s office.

Betmaster collects personal data and is responsible for its safety.

Main information of the Betmaster’s privacy policy

Personal information is any data about a user that identifies him or her as a unique individual. The main data are first and last name, country, city and residence address, e-mail address, and phone number.

Betmaster collects and stores information to enhance the customer experience and to develop unique offers and promotional materials. Information is collected from the first time you visit the site. From your device you receive data about the place of login, the browser used the model of the device, the IP address, etc. This information is transmitted to us along with cookies. Further data is provided when you fill out the registration form, make payments through the cash register, use bonuses, bets, and many other activities.

Betmaster will use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • To improve the quality of service. Information helps us make our services more player-oriented. We can create effective advertising and marketing materials, bonus programs, individual offers;
  • To ensure player safety. Every Betmaster user is unique. By confirming your identity you become an honest player in the eyes of the administration;
  • To ensure that users comply with the legal requirements of the countries in which they reside.

All information obtained about customers is securely encrypted. It is protected from leakage.

The use of players’ personal data does not imply its transfer to third parties. The publication and disclosure of some information are possible only in several cases. The first is when a player is suspected of fraudulent actions. In this situation, the information may be transferred by request to law enforcement authorities. The second is when a player receives a big win. In this case, the information is used for advertising and promotional materials.

If you wish to stop providing personal data, you can opt out by requesting support. Also, some data can be changed manually by you through your personal account.